Tuesday, February 1, 2011

jared.. your not famous. your a loser?

Haha.. Hey There (: If your reading this.. your reading MY blog! --which I will be updating daily! No Joke. Well, We'll see. I've tried doing this..several times.. the farthest ive gone was about 2 months. But no! Imma do it.. right here! Everyday.. Until I get bored. x)
Anyways, aside from that little introduction above, Im going to try and type as 'gramatically correct' as I possibly can.. Which means.. Don't expect a lot. So, my blog is called jaredisfamous? Yeah.. I tried so many other names and they we're all taken :( Which made me sad.. Kind of. So then I tried this and although its not my favorite, this is what Im going to use. Because you know.. I will be famous someday, Just ask WebkinzPuppy & NaturallyNeon, they'll tell you! Haha. No but anyways, basically this blog will be like, what's new with me. And so.. here I begin..
[2/1/11] Today was a SNOW DAY!! I was extremely happy because this weekend I caught the flu.. and was absent on Monday from school. So instead of having to miss another day there was a snow day! & then tomorrow.. I have another Snow Day. It's like really crazy outside where I live.. It's ice cold (below zero) and the snow is 'whipping' all over the place. That's the one thing I love about winter; SNOW DAYS!! But this winter, this year, has been very depressing? Like...seriously. I've been extremely, not excited, emotionless, and boring this whole winter. That's a little-tad bit of an exaggeration but I don't care. I've been like missing summer since this fall.. and this year for some reason.. none of the holidays seemed really 'fun'? They just came and went. But 2011.. is going to be an awesome year! I think. Haha..! Im so excited for summer(: Warm whether, swimming, friends, and NO SCHOOL! and this post is getting extremely long between the 2-Paragraph intro and the actual post so.. yeah.. that's it for now. Haha! Post tomorrow :D